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Ultra Low

Custom Made Shower bases
  • Ultra Low

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  • The 12mm thick Ultra Low is one of Australia’s thinnest shower bases. Made from durable Corian, it is easy to keep clean. With a 6mm fall, honed towards the outlet and a 35mm flat perimeter for a shower screen the Ultra Low is designed to create a seamless look from your tiled floor through to your shower base.
  • Ultra Low ‘L’

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  • The 22mm (at the highest point) thick Ultra Low ‘L’ has all the styling and features of the Ultra Low with the addition of tile lips to prevent capillary action. The tile lips can be positioned behind the wall tiles to act as a secondary seal to prevent water penetrating between the wall tiles and the Ultra Low ‘L’

Ultra Low ‘L’ // Tile Lips

The Ultra Low ‘L’ comes with your choices of 3 style of tile lips (pictured).

The tile lip helps prevent water going outside of the shower base. These lips can be placed behind the walls to prevent capillary action.

Choose the lip size that is suitable for your application. If you are unsure, chat to your installer to work out which style works for your installation.

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Ultra Low


Ultra Low ‘L’

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Custom Sizes

The Ultra Low shower base can be custom built to any size up to 1000mm wide and 1800mm long and anywhere in between.  You can also nominate the outlet posistion on the order form.

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