Custom Shower Bases

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    ’s custom shower bases are one of the worlds thinnest. Made from durable Solid Surface, they are easy to clean and slip resistant. With either 6mm or 12mm fall, honed towards the outlet, formed’s range of custom shower bases are designed to create a seamless look from your floor through to your shower base.


    We can make a custom shower base to your size requirements, starting at 600mm up to 2400mm in length and up to 1200mm wide.

SHOWER BASE COLOURS - call us to discuss

- Colour options are only available in 12mm/22mm high bases
Colours are priced as L1 thru L3 (L1 being the lowest priced colours)
Dark Jet Black
Mt. Cremo Carrara
Sandy Shore
Polar Mist
Charcoal Concrete
Shadow Concrete
Blanca Granite
Cotton Boulder
Sapphire Terrazzo
Urban Terrazzo
Urban Habitat
Light Grey
Cinder Concrete
Hazel Cream
Platinum Granite
Mt. Carrara
Winter Boulder
Mt. Vancouver
Antique Shell

Custom Size // Size Range

Our custom size shower bases can be made in any size up to 1500mm x 1200mm for the 12mm or 22mm thick bases, or up to 2400mm x 1200mm for the 19mm or 29mm thick bases.
Custom Shower Base - Sizing Guide

Customise the outlet position & lip profiles

In addition to making a custom size base, you can request to have the outlet position almost any where on your custom shower base as well as the type of lip profile on what ever side you like.


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Colours are priced as L1 thru L3 (L1 being the lowest priced colours)

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